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I’ve been playing so many RPG-Maker games lately so I’m gonna make a little recommendation post for my own reference, and for anyone who’s interested.

  • Flesh Child - It’s an exploration-based game in the very early stages of development so there’s only two areas accessible, but what’s there is very original and very interesting (and fairly disturbing too).
  • Yume Nikki - I know everyone already knows about Yume Nikki, but I’ll list it anyway. It’s huge and it’s beautiful, and it’s inspiring enough to have a whole wiki devoted to the fan-games it’s spawned.
  • .flow - A pretty popular Yume Nikki fangame, with much more emphasis on horror than that game. Still focuses on exploring a surreal dreamscape to find effects, but it’s a little more lucid and outwardly scary. There’s a few jump scares, but most of its horror comes from the absence in between. Some great pixel art and character designs too.
  • Ib - A story-driven horror adventure about a little girl who gets lost in a museum, where the way you interact with the other characters drastically changes the outcome of the story. Some good puzzles and memorable characters.
  • Lisa - A big trigger warning on this one, and the only one I would say I didn’t actually enjoy. Because you aren’t meant to enjoy it. It’s meant to be disturbing and upsetting, and it’s very good at it. It’s not quite horror and there’s no jump scares, but it’ll leave you feeling uneasy for a while.
  • The Mirror Lied - An abstract story that leaves so much open to interpretation, I don’t think I can even summarize it. It’s very short though, and it’s worth checking out.
  • To the Moon - By the same people as The Mirror Lied, but much more straight-forward and, I think, more enjoyable. Some extremely well-written dialogue makes the characters feel very real, and it even made me cry. It’s the only game here that costs money, but I think it’s worth the price. The link leads to a trailer that summarizes it well.
  • Penpals - A cute and short (yet deceptively unsettling at times) game that’s been floating around tumblr. The art is great and it’s full of weird little bits of personal wisdom.
  • Schuld - A horror-action game where you start off as a man wandering through a dying world in which human limbs are the only thing of any value, and it only gets weirder from there.
  • OFF - The link describes OFF far better than I ever could, but if I could only recommend one game here, it’d be OFF. Probably the largest amount of original content I’ve ever seen in an RPG-Maker game, it’s an actual turn-based RPG full of great surreal art and some kick-ass music.
  • The Witch’s House - A puzzle/exploration game about a girl trapped in a house that tries to kill her in countless creative ways. You’re going to die a lot, but that’ll be nothing compared to how it leaves you feeling at the end.
  • Space Funeral - I think this screenshot speaks for itself.






an art tutorial


Wow after watching this my art improved so much


Oh my god. 


All I got out of today’s episode, tbh

devours so much cheese i make myself physically sick

hey if ur my irl friend and u don’t go to school with me and you’re feeling up to it txt me maybe

i just. want to talk to a few friends i won’t be seeing for a while once school starts but im so scared of annoying them ;_;


Charles Martinet just joined Vine, and it’s already the best thing.